Why should you join us? Glad you asked. So many reasons! We are a fun group of people with a variety of backgrounds both culturally and scientifically. We may be biased but we also feel that we do pretty good research. So, this can be an ideal place to learn something new, teach others what you already know, and make important scientific contributions. To get a sense of how the lab is run, check out our lab manual and a list of project ideas that you may be able to take the lead on. We also have access to great resources. Finally, Georgia Tech is located in the heart of Atlanta - a vibrant, multicultural city that provides a variety of cultural, culinary, and entertainment opportunities. Get in touch if you want to learn more about the lab, Georgia Tech, or the city of Atlanta.

Research assistants

We are looking for motivated research assistants to join the lab. There are many opportunities for people who want to gain experience with research. In particular, research assistants can lead projects and even become first authors on the resulting publications. However, a requirement for such involvement is the ability to program in Python, MATLAB, R, or javascript. If you want to lead your own project, you'll receive plenty of help and guidance but you need to do most of the programming work yourself. If you can't program, then more traditional positions in which you work under a postdoc or a graduate student are also available. Most projects involve working on behavioral studies but a few include working with fMRI, TMS, or patients who have visual deficits. There are also opportunities to work on projects related to comparing deep neural networks (DNNs) to human vision. We have both in-person and remote positions. If you are interested in joining the lab, fill this brief survey.

Ph.D. Students

Applications for Fall 2024 students are now closed. If you want to enquire about possible Ph.D. positions for Fall, 2025, feel free to email Dr. Rahnev at with any questions about the application process.


We currently don't have funding for new postdocs but are always happy to brainstorm funding options for people interested in joining as postdocs.