About Us

Welcome to the Computations of Subjective Perception lab at Georgia Tech!

The goal of our research is to understand how the brain constructs what we see. Unlike what it may feel intuitively, vision doesn't just happen to us. Our brain engages in complex processing that creates our subjective visual reality out of incomplete and ambiguous sensory signals. Our research is focused on understanding how the brain accomplishes this feat.

We approach this question using a variety of techniques such as computational modeling of behavioral data, testing how deep neural networks (DNNs) for computer vision mimic and differ from human vision, testing patients with neurological deficits, and exploring the brain mechanisms directly via fMRI and TMS. We also strongly support open science and share the data and code for all our papers.

Open Ideas

We share our research ideas. We pre-register our studies before collecting data. Check out our Blog or Twitter feed to see what we think about recent issues in the field.

Open Data

We share our data. All behavioral data for every project we publish is uploaded on OSF. We use NeuroVault to upload maps from our fMRI studies.

Open Code

We share our code on OSF for every paper we publish. We are scientists and our code is not perfect, but we make every effort to write clean, easy to follow, and correct code.